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Lefse Limerick People’s Choice Award

The Lefse Limerick People’s Choice Award is for the author of the best of the rest of the lefse limericks that were not penned by the 4th Annual Lefse Limerick Contest champion. You, the readers, vote to determine who wins the prizes for the People’s Choice Award winner. The prizes are:

People’s Choice Award prize — a Keep On Rolling Tote Bag
People’s Choice Award prize — a 504-piece Let’s Make Lefse! Jigsaw Puzzle.

Below are 33 pretty dang good lefse limericks worthy of winning the above prizes. The lefse limericks are listed by number only, not by name. Take your time in reading, and then vote for the number of your three most favorite limericks. You can vote for your own limerick and two other limericks by someone else. Vote simply by emailing me at and make sure you vote by end of day May 3, 2024.

Here are the 33 lefse limericks eligible for the People’s Choice Award. Email me at by end of day May 3, 2024, and include the numbers of your three favorites.

If you’re ever in need of a purative
Eat lefse, I say, most assurative
You just can’t be sad
When it’s lefse you had
For your life it’s the best kind of curative

If lefse’s your favorite food
Enhancing your Norse attitude
Your passion for rounds
As strange as it sounds
Just makes you a lovable dude

When cold weather has taken its toll
I give comfort to body and soul
With a soothing warm round
And advice very sound --
Life ls lefse, let's get on a roll!

My love for lefse I’m admittin’ 
But all other food habits I’m quittin’ 
Lefse brings my life joy
And quells all that annoy
But my clothes, they are no longer fittin’

Jack clasped his lefse dearly
As a robber stated quite clearly
“See I’ve got this knife,
It’s your lefse or your life”
Jack paused to think over this query

A crusty old German named Lest
Ate sausage with gusto and zest
Till the day he met Hesta
And tasted her lefse
His lunch and his life were both blessed.

A viking in Asgard did ponder
How on earth did they make such a wonder 
Lefse tastes so delicious 
I’m sure it grants wishes
And leaves me with no need to plunder

Your life’s at the end of its rope
Fresh lefse will help you to cope
Your spirit will soar
You’ll always want more
And never again will you mope

Christmas pudding is heavy like lead
And lutefisk looks and smells dead.
To make spirits bright
Roll a circle just right
And let “lefse joy” fill up your head.

Lefse is life, so they say,
And I eat it up every day,
Sav’ry or sweet,
It just can’t be beat,
Flavored and rolled any way!

There once was a viking named Viddel
Who traded his sword for a griddle
He made lefse with butter
Without missing his cutter
And was happily round in the middle

Lefse like life can be tragic
Not every batch turns out like magic
When your dough feels like glue
And you haven’t a clue
How to fix it, that’s problematic

First add butter and spread with a knife
Then a sprinkle of sugar, just right.
Each bite soon melts away
All the gloom of the day.
We like to say, "Lefse is Life".

Is lefse much better than sex?
The question is rather complex
Depends on the day
And what you might say
The answer is certain to vex

Lusty Lillian lefse rolled
Mate Olaf is dying she’s told
Since lefse is life
He begged of his wife
Feed me lefse before I go cold

I believe that I need a good rest 
And lefse will make it the best 
The answer I was told
Is buttered then rolled
And my life would forever be blessed

It is certainly life's little joys
That quiet the sadness and noise.
A filled coffee cup
Or some lefse rolled up
As balms they're the real McCoys.

If you’re forced to live up in the snow
Just roll out some blest tater dough
Like a cozy old sweater
Lefse makes the heart better
And warms up your soul til you glow.

It's some work but it's worth it to make.
Your reward for the trouble you take
Is the finest of fare
For that feeling you share…
Life is lefse…believe…and partake.

Ancestors live on, at our table
Lefse traditions keep us stable
But lefse carbs count,
Belly fat does mount!
So exercise too, when you're able!

When you happen to need some relief
From life’s worry and toil and grief
Eat some lefse for livin’ 
Like a sinner forgivin’ 
And then cook up some more and repeat
If spicy food is your desire
Then lefse won’t give you that fire
But lifting your soul
Right out of life’s hole
With lefse you’ll hear angels’ choir

A lefse cook once told me “Son,
To pursue a good life simply won,
Eat your lefse twice nightly
And live your life rightly
And always make time to have fun.”

Shakespeare explored man’s condition
Beethoven, made music his mission
Then there was Ole and Sven
Two good Norskie men
Great lefse, their highest ambition

The Hammer of God was with Thor
According to old Viking Lore
With Mjolnir to pound
Those thin lefse rounds
They made all in Valhalla roar!

Loving lefse is all that I need
To make living well my daily creed.
It isn’t a stretch
To make me go fetch
Another round of this fine feed.

If lefse’s the joy of your life
Be careful in choosing a wife
Or make it yourself
With help from an elf
And shortstop some possible strife

Ole milked his cows in the snowstorm
But the drifts trapped him inside the barn.
He'd packed "lefse to go"
Well ahead of the snow
And it saved him until it got warm.

They say lefse can cure a cold heart
And your love, it will never depart 
You’ll both be much warmer
If you’re the prince charmer
With lefse as your Cupid’s dart

You can feed me a line but don't try it.
I know what I need when I spy it.
You can have your square meal --
The well rounded appeal
Of my lefse will do as life's diet.

There once was a tater that mused
“I don’t want to be mashed and abused!
Unless lefse’s the goal
And to cure a sad soul
In which case I’m greatly enthused!”

If lefse’s the soul of existence
Its useless to put up resistance
The rounds that you love
Were sent from above
Rewards for your fervent persistence

In MN, where lefse's a delight,
We roll it thin and cook it right.
Butter and sugar so sweet,
It's a treat you can't beat,
Lefse life in MN, makes my pants tight!

Again, email me at by May 3, 2024, with the numbers of your favorite three. The People’s Choice Award winners will be named in the May newsletter. Good luck, all!

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