Lefse Classes

Wanna carry on the grand old tradition of making lefse? Take my class! One complete class per evening from 6:30 to 8:30. I teach during the first two weeks of November, and I teach specially-arranged private classes for family members and friends who want to learn as a group. I teach each step in how to make potato lefse, from boiling potatoes to making the dough to rolling a good-looking round to grilling tender lefse. You’re on your own with how to eat the lefse. No lefse-making equipment needed. Limit of six students per class, taught at 5205 Knox Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minnesota. $35 per student.

Email glegwold@lutefisk.com or call 612-926-1877.

Upcoming Events

Lefse Classes

Start date: November 5, 2020

End date: December 22, 2020

Time: 6-8pm

Location: Gary’s home


Two-hour classes for learning the entire process of making lefse and carrying on a grand, old Norwegian tradition.