About Keep On Rolling!

Gary, I got the book yesterday and I finished reading it this morning. Very interesting. I thought I knew just about everything about lefse, but I look forward to trying a few things I learned about in the book. I learned to make lefse from another aunt that has since passed away. Also, one of my daughter-in-laws gave me some tips along the way.
Dr. Victor Bekkum, Cumberland, WI

Gary, it was a pleasure meeting you at Dregne’s this past Saturday. I was pleased to get a signed copy of your book. My wife and I took a lefse-making class a few weeks back, and I picked up a copy of your book along with some lefse-making supplies. I spent the better part of a day on the couch, with a supply of coffee and fresh lefse, reading your book. It time well spent. The signed copy has a place of honor on my cookbook shelf. That class and your book, help me feel connected with my past and my grandma, who made lefse for me when I was a kid. Thanks.
David Gaunky, Westby, WI

I’m loving it. Strong, interesting content. Creative. I’m thinking the recipes will be incorporated into Hart Lefsefest 2017!
Roxanne Hart, St. Paul

Bra gjørt! Well done! The book is a great window into the life of lefse in the USA in 2017! I love all the colorful pictures!
Rev. Dennis Preston, Brandon, MN

What a delightful second book about lefse! I especially love [the lyrics in “Keep On Rollin'”], “When in a storm just let your faith take form/Keep on a rollin’/The sun will shine anew/So stand tall, be true, stay strong, be you!” Keep on rolling, the choice we have to make every day!
Pam Oman, Hudson, WI

Warm, engaging, and witty throughout, Keep On Rolling! is beautifully presented. Both coffee table and kitchen worthy, Gary has added a gem to his collection! (On my coffee table!)
Laura Dodge, Minneapolis, MN

Thanks so much for the Keep On Rolling! book. We are selling them in the Nordic Shop with good response. We had our annual big lefse party a week ago! Everyone was very impressed with your new book. Keep on rolling!
Louise Hanson, Rochester, MN

There is indeed a powerful kinship among those who love lefse. You have been a blessing to both me and the faith communities I serve. We are both humbled and thrilled that you saw fit to re-tell the story of how a small church in a small community in Western Minnesota is seeking to make a small difference for God’s Kingdom. Thanks Gary, for being a blessing.
— Pastor Dan Bowman, Hawk Creek Lutheran Church, Sacred Heart, MN

I am honored to have Keep On Rolling! dedicated to me — our “lefse” lesson so long ago has brought you nationwide (recognition). Thank you, Gary!
Linda Bengtson, Northfield, MN

I was gobsmacked by your book & you — the artistry, tenacity, determination, research, imagination — just everything. Thank you for letting me be a teensy-tiny part of it. So fun!
Sonny Schneiderhan, Minneapolis, MN

You have changed my lefse production by adding the pastry cloth to my board and given me courage to continue our Christmas tradition despite the considerable reluctance from family who mainly sit in the living room and trudge out one at a time to roll. … Your experience in Portland with Viking Soul Food and prejudice over a person of color rolling a lefse would have been humorous if it wasn’t so grim. You change my lefse rolling, added Decorah and Osakis to my bucket list, and by example supported me in my struggle to write my own story. Thank you.
Janet Tripp, Minneapolis, MN

My wife and I just returned from northern Illinois where we were stayed at a resort right next to the Norway Store in Norway, Illinois. We purchased a copy of Keep On Rolling! for my dad, but then proceeded to read it myself and could not put it down. What an awesome history of lefse making. The story came to life because I grew up at Bethany Fellowship in Bloomington, MN and was deeply involved with lefse. My dad and mom were the second family to move out to the farm in Bloomington and were proceeded by Al and Elaine Linder, and I worked with Al for many years in the lefse department. I was at Bethany the night our lefse department went up in flames, and I helped battle the fire. I then went on to help with the build-up of the new department where we actually pressed aluminum blanks, soldered the elements and leg bosses to the blanks, sandblasted the backs, surfaced the finish, and boxed them up for shipping. A few years later we went to the molded griddle that is currently in use, and I built the machine you referenced in your book on page 47 that drilled the holes for then legs, handles, and element guard. I built the sander we used to finish the surface, so your book touched me greatly. I still have a grill that was built about 1972-1975 and still works good. I haven’t made lefse in many years. However after reading your book, that will be one of my next projects to tackle. Thank you for taking the time to document carefully a wonderful history of lefse and may God bless you for your efforts. I trust you will have an awesome Christmas.
Dale Carlson, Louisville, KY

I just finished Keep On Rolling!  When I reached my comments regarding gluten-free lefse, tears came to my eyes.  That was a very special and very difficult time.

Three years ago, I watched a video in which a woman used a grinder attachment on her Kitchenaid mixer to grind her boiled spuds rather than ricing them. I’ve been a sausage maker forever and then used my big No. 22 grinder to grind a 10-pound batch. Super easy! But a lot of cleanup was involved. So I bought a small No. 8 grinder just for that purpose. Its name is “Spud.” It does a great job and cleans up in a couple of minutes. It also saves a lot of time ricing and is really easy on my 79-year-old wrists.

Have pity on those who have not tasted lefse. They know not what they miss.
— Nolan Spencer, Deerwood, MN