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People’s Choice Award Winners

Jim Leet is a lefse maker from Roseburg, Oregon.

The Lefse Limerick People’s Choice Award is for the author of the best of the rest of the lefse limericks that were not penned by the 4th Annual Lefse Limerick Contest champion. You, the readers, voted to determine who wins the People’s Choice Award.

The winner for the second straight year is Jim Leet, shown above, from Roseburg, Oregon! Congrats! Jim wins a Keep On Rolling Tote Bag Oat.

Jim has been prolific in writing lefse and lutefisk limericks over the years. He doesn’t submit an email with one or two limericks; he submits a Word doc containing scores of limericks, with a note: “Don’t hesitate to award me more than one place…” When I responded that I liked his confidence, he replied by batting away my compliment with this: “Thanks, but it conflicts with my legendary modesty.”

Jim has an original way of looking at things, and no surprise that it comes out in his limericks. Here are three that gathered the most votes for Jim:

If lefse’s your favorite food
Enhancing your Norse attitude
Your passion for rounds
As strange as it sounds
Just makes you a lovable dude

If spicy food is your desire
Then lefse won’t give you that fire
But lifting your soul
Right out of life’s hole
With lefse you’ll hear angels’ choir

The Hammer of God was with Thor
According to old Viking Lore
With Mjolnir to pound
Those thin lefse rounds
They made all in Valhalla roar!

Jim Leet

Dave Nadaskay

Another prolific lefse limerick writer is Dave Nadaskay from Fort Worth, Texas, shown below. Just about every day in March, Dave emailed at least one limerick. Toward the end of the month, he added a note to his email saying that it was his last limerick — only to submit more the next day. When he was tapped out, he wrote: “This was a lot of fun!”

Dave Nadaskay is a lefse maker from Fort Worth, Texas.

This was Dave’s first lefse limerick contest. He wins the Let’s Make Lefse! Jigsaw Puzzle.

Here are three limericks that gathered the most votes for Dave:

My love for lefse I’m admittin’
But all other food habits I’m quittin’
Lefse brings my life joy
And quells all that annoy
But my clothes, they are no longer fittin’

A Viking in Asgard did ponder
How on earth did they make such a wonder 
Lefse tastes so delicious
I’m sure it grants wishes
And leaves me with no need to plunder

If you’re forced to live up in the snow
Just roll out some blest tater dough
Like a cozy old sweater
Lefse makes the heart better
And warms up your soul til you glow

Dave Nadaskay

Wrapping up the 4th Annual Lefse Limerick Contest, it’s been a great one! Congrats again to John Ziegenhagen, who won, and to the People’s Choice Award winners Jim Leet and Dave Nadaskay. To the victors belong the spoils, but to all who wrote limericks this year goes my respect and gratitude. I tip my hat and smile. You provided great wit and joy.

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