About Gary Legwold

Gary Legwold
Photograph: Jenny Mahoney

Words are in the wake of every idea, goal, dream, and desire. For more than 20 years as a writer, I have found the right words for the right ideas.

Sometimes the ideas are mine and become award-winning magazine articles or books.

Sometimes I turn the ideas into newsletters, speeches, press releases, brochures, business reports, Web copy, book proposals, advertising copy, greeting cards, humor workshops, poems, a novel—you name it, and there’s a good chance I’ve written it.

Sometimes the ideas come from others, people whose noggins are a dynamo of neat notions. But they have no time to write. They call me. I get to write and they get a book -a nice collaboration.

Writing is what I do, every day. I’m not a dabbler or a wannabe. Writing is not part of my job—it is my job. There is a line from a 1954 movie Beat the Devil (don’t bother to rent it) that says, “The only thing standing between you and a watery grave is your wits.” I love that line because, as a writer, my wits and my words have kept me from getting wet.

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