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The Meaning of a Lefse Apron

Check out this wonderful podcast and try to keep a dry eye as Erna McGuire talks about what her lefse apron means to her.

In the bridge of the lefse song “Keep On Rollin’”, which I co-wrote with Erik Sherburne, the lyrics are:

A lefse maker I once knew/She said “Here is what you do/

When in a storm/Just let your faith take form/

Keep on a rollin’/The sun will shine anew/

So stand tall, be true/Stay strong, be you!”

I came upon this story called “Lefse Apron.”

It’s an excerpt from “New Land, New Life,” produced by the St. Paul Sons of Norway Lodge, Synnøve Nordkap. Members shared stories about their Norwegian ancestry. Erna McGuire embodies the faith, gratitude, strength, and resilience that are often fundamental to our elder lefse makers.

As you make your lefse for Thanksgiving, listen to this podcast. Oh, it’s OK if tears fall upon your lefse.


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