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The Lefse King on TV

I was on set with Sue Ellen Zagrabelny, host of Merry’s Eclectic Interests on cable (CCX Create). In this show, I give a lesson on how to make lefse. My two lefse shows will be aired this fall. Stay tuned for where and when.

When I recorded the second half-hour show of the cable TV program Merry’s Eclectic Interests (CCX Create), I was uncomfortable with my on-screen label, the Lefse King. But I’ve always been uncomfortable with that title. Heck, there are lots of excellent lefse makers who could call themselves kings and queens, but they don’t because they are reserved Scandinavians who find people that tag themselves with titles to be suspect.

I am also a reserved Scandinavian, but I go with the title because when I registered for a domain name, Lefse King ( was available when other lefse names were taken. So I winced and went with it because it had a certain ring to it, and it was easy to market. Still, I call myself the reluctant Lefse King and say in the show that I always learn something from every lefse maker I meet.

In this show, the reluctant Lefse King gives Mary Ellen Zagrabelny, the show’s host, and the viewers a lesson on how to make lefse. I cover equipment options, ingredients in my recipe, techniques, the honoring of heritage, two lefse controversies, and the benefit of “namby-pamby” lefse.

Check out this video, which will be aired in November of this year — lefse’s prime time.

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