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‘Saw’ Your Way to Better Lefse

Stuck lefse? Save it with sawing.

When I teach lefse classes, students pick up the techniques quickly and leave smiling. Still, the biggest problem that I fix continually through the class is sticking. The student rolls out a beauty of round only to rip it when picking it up because the center (typically) of the round sticks. Bummer!

You can save a stuck lefse by using my Blue Pastry Board Cover. The blue lets you see sticky spots better and earlier so you can keep those spots floured. Yet even with the blue cover, you will have sticking from time to time. Here’s what you do:

  • Make it a habit to check for possible sticking before picking up the round with your turning stick. If you just assume no sticking and pick up the round, you may rip a masterpiece.
  • If you have sticking, slide your turning stick under the lefse so that it’s tilted at angle, and then slowly “saw” your way through the area that’s sticking.
  • To fix the sticky spot, scrape it with a knife and work flour into the area so that you don’t have sticking there again.
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