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Lefse and Potato Leek Soup

When I teach lefse classes, I give out my recipe for potato leek soup. Why? Because in making lefse dough, there are always extra amounts of riced potatoes. There are many uses for these extra spuds, but none tastier than using them in potato leek soup.

Jeanne and David Sumnicht took my class and received “extra credit” by:

  • Making lefse on their own within a week or two of when they took my class. I always recommend this because there is less chance you will forget a step or technique in how to make lefse if you do it close to the time you learn. Jeanne and David made lefse the day after their class.
  • Making potato leek soup. They did that promptly as well, and served it and their own lefse for lunch (see photo below).
The perfect 1-2 combo for the tail end of winter: potato leek soup and lefse.

Jeanne and David, congratulations! You go to the head of the class!

Jeanne and David Sumnicht: Lefse friends are friends for life.

Oh, yes. Here is the recipe for potato leek soup. Enjoy!

Potato Leek Soup, made from the extra potatoes when you make lefse dough.

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