Cha-Cha Cherry—Covet


This Cha-Cha Cherry-Covet rolling pin by Minnesota Woodturners Association member Bob Puetz is like its cousin, the Cha-Cha Cherry—Envy, only slimmer and with slightly darker beauty. It is astonishing to hold and behold and will bring to mind one of the long forgotten Ten Commandments: Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s rolling pin. The lines of the cherry burl swirl and dance on the barrel as well as on the handles, and the delicate black splashes kick the imagination into overdrive. Add the turquoise accents in the barrel and handles, and the Genie of Covetousness done left the bottle! Enhanced rolling thanks to food-safe stainless steel bearings makes this Cha-Cha Cherry—Covet truly a functional piece of art.

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