Lefse Class


Two-hour classes for learning the entire process of making lefse and carrying on a grand, old Norwegian tradition. By appointment, for your convenience.




Gary turning Lefse

Wanna carry on the grand old tradition of making lefse? Take my Lefse Class in person if you live in the Minneapolis area, or take my Zoom class if you live in far-flung places throughout the country or the world!

One complete class lasts the evening from 6 to 8 PM, or we can arrange a time that fits your schedule better. Call 612-926-1877 or email glegwold@lutefisk.com to schedule the time you want. In-person classes are in my kitchen at 5205 Knox Ave. S. in Minneapolis. I supply all equipment and supplies, and the cost per student is $35. Pay for in person classes at the time of class. Do not pay online, please!

There is no student limit for Zoom classes, and the cost per student is $25. Pay for Zoom classes online, please. (Online cost shows $18 but an automatic shipping charge is added to make the cost $25.) With the Zoom class, you will make lefse in your own kitchen using your own lefse-making equipment and lefse dough. But I will coach you through what you need to do before the class. You need a phone, tablet, or a laptop as well as your own lefse-making equipment.

I teach during November and December, and I teach specially-arranged private classes for family members and friends who want to learn as a group. I offer four tips and techniques you probably won’t receive in other lefse classes. I teach each step A-Z in how to make potato lefse, from boiling potatoes to making the dough to rolling a good-looking round to grilling tender lefse. You’re on your own with how to eat the lefse, but I am willing to help.

In both in-person or Zoom classes, you prepare lefse dough using my recipe, and then roll and grill 6-12 rounds of lefse as I provide feedback per individual student. So sign up for my Lefse Class and check that box of learning to make lefse that’s second only to what grandma made! Email glegwold@lutefisk.com or call 612-926-1877.


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