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The Balm of a Lefse Song

What a pleasure to meet Pam Oman at the Scandinavian Food Fest in Hudson, Wisconsin. She has written Chapter Three, a moving book about grief. She made my day with a note about the message of resiliency, gratitude, and faith found in “Keep On Rollin'”.

Last week I was in Hudson, Wisconsin, selling books, prints, and lefse rolling pins at the Scandinavian Food Fest, which is put on annually by Bethel Lutheran Church. I was invited by Pam Oman (pictured), who greeted me with small blue book that she wrote: Chapter Three.

This is an irresistible, brave book on grief. I know that sounds odd—an irresistible book on grief—but we all have had and will have grief. Chapter Three helps readers get through it. Pam pulls no punches as she writes of her husband’s battle with Parkinson’s Disease, her challenges with epilepsy, and then her growth as a woman and a writer over the two years following her husband’s painful death.

As I read the book, I see the healing power of writing as Pam works through grief. There is nothing like the act of writing.

There was a hand-written note from Pam tucked in the front of her book. In the note, she commented on how the themes of resiliency, gratitude, and faith are common to Chapter Three and Keep On Rolling! Life on the Lefse Trail and Learning to Get a Round.

The part of the note that really touched me was near the end when she commented on my lyrics in the song “Keep On Rollin’”. Pam wrote: “I especially love, “When in a storm just let your faith take form/Keep on a rolling’/The sun will shine anew/So stand tall, be true, stay strong, be you!”

I am grateful that this song, once just a silly notion, has been a balm to people like Pam.


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