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Sold! One $1,200 Lefse Rolling Pin

The King’s Rolling Pin.

Last month, I introduced two $1,200 lefse rolling pins created by Dan Larson of the Minnesota Woodturners Association. They are The King’s Rolling Pin and The Queen’s Rolling Pin.

I didn’t know what to expect. I knew people would appreciate fine art combined with a functional heirloom lefse rolling pin, but I didn’t know if anyone would appreciate these pins enough to pay $1,200.

Well, I now know. The King’s Rolling Pin has sold!

Rolling out new lefse products is exciting. It’s fun to create new products that improve lefse making and strengthen the lefse tradition in the process. These products draw out people in the marketplace who are searching for distinctive and useful lefse products. It’s satisfying to match the right product with the right customer. It was especially satisfying to match a customer with The King’s Rolling Pin. The customer was thrilled to find the perfect wedding present for a friend’s daughter.

The Queen’s Rolling Pin

The Queen’s Rolling Pin is all that remains of the three masterpieces Dan Larson made to match the contest-winning rolling pin that’s on the cover of Keep On Rolling! Life on the Lefse Trail and Learning to Get a Round. Dan has said that’s it; he won’t make another. If you think it to be the perfect gift—even to yourself—please purchase. But I admit that it would not be a bad thing if The Queen’s Rolling Pin is not sold. Heck, I just might buy it to use and pass on in honor of Keep On Rolling!

"Keep On Rolling!" Cover Image
“Keep On Rolling!” Cover Image
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